It’s odd coming back to the blog. I mean, I never really went anywhere. I’ve been here the whole time, just not blogging. A lot of big things have happened over the last few months (Mom and Dad A visiting, Jon and Chelsea visiting, me getting dengue, etc.), but with only a few being truly life-changing, I’m going to focus on those and avoid a 3-bazillion word post right out of the gate.

Since I last graced the blogosphere, Nick became a full-fledged medical student at SGU, which is very exciting for our little family. I am immeasurably proud of his accomplishment, and can’t wait to see what the next few years in Grenada bring. School began last week for him, and so far things are going well. I’ve been promoted to Full Time Demonstrator at the school, which is a huge opportunity for me. I love the people I work with and truly enjoy teaching the class; of course, I also appreciate the job for the wiggle room it makes in our budget. I’ve still got my online side hustle going on, so my busyness should actually almost keep up with Nick’s this semester, which is nice. I think we’ll both feel less guilty about the amount of hours we individually spend working if we know the other one of us isn’t bored and waiting for an entertainment buddy.

Even with that, I’m hoping to blog more this semester. I even wrote it down as a goal in my calendar! I’m going to try to do one personal post and one meal planning post a week (with additional recipes, of course). We’ll see how that goes. Expect a meal plan for the week to follow shortly. Even if it’s a day late, it’s going to help me get back into the rhythm.
In addition to blogging more this term, I’m planning on training for a marathon over the semester. There aren’t any marathons anywhere near where we’ll be over the summer, so it’s kind of more for my own gratification/to keep me accountable than anything, but I am looking for some races in late 2013/2014 that I could take a few days off to travel to. I do hope to run a half while we are at home.
Speaking of going home, with my new additional income, paired with an awesome tax return (hey there, 7 month employment time in 2012!), we’re going to take some time to travel this summer. We’ll be going home to Oklahoma first to spend a month with the family M and our friends; we’re also hoping to make it out to Missouri to visit our aunt and uncle/cousins/nieces and nephews on Nick’s side, as well as to Dallas to see family on my side. I’ve been looking at some half-marathons in the general vicinity of both to help incorporate my goal of doing another big run while we are at home.
In the second week in July we’ll be heading to Vegas to celebrate our third anniversary, which is also our 30th birthday gift to each other (Nick turns 30 in February, I do in July). We got engaged in Vegas, and it holds a special place in our hearts (and let’s be honest, good or bad, our wallets). Our credit card earns (formerly Harrahs, now Caesars) Total Rewards points, so we have managed to rack up 5 free nights in our favorite city. Through some online magic that can be qualified as nothing short of slight-of-hand, Nick somehow got us into a room at Nobu Hotel (which opens inside of Caesars next month), and it is way nicer than anything else we were looking at. For free. For all five days. We are stoked. We’ll be there for our actual anniversary (July 11th), so we’ll definitely be enjoying some fancy meals during our stay, which we have saved plenty of reward points for.
From Vegas we’re flying straight to Denver to go on to Estes Park to meet up with my parents and maternal grandparents. We’ll have a week there with them, which is really exciting. We’re hoping to do some hiking, sightseeing, and general time-spending with the family while we are there. Then it’s right back to OKC for one final week before heading back to Grenada at the end of July – hopefully with both Mom and Dad M in tow for a visit!
So what have I missed in your lives?
much love, Cayley