So, in an effort to maximize my efficiency, I menu planned out a whole month in advance. That’s right, all of February is covered. As much as I love meal planning, I realized that I would be better off time-wise to do it once. It frees up at least an hour every Saturday. It also helped me make sure we were hitting some of the old favorites, without overlapping on food style. I’m trying to do a big meal on Sundays (so we’ll have leftovers for lunch), a meatless meal on Mondays, a favorite meal on Tuesdays, beef on Wednesdays, poultry on Thursdays, fish on Fridays, and something quick and easy on Saturdays (as that’s our hashing day). As an added bonus, this strategy helped me shave almost $200EC ($75US), off our weekly grocery bill this Saturday. I’ll still be posting the menus weekly, as I’m not nearly organized to do that too.

Week of 1.27.12 meals

Sunday was an old favorite we haven’t had in a while: Buttermilk Roast Chicken and Roasted Veggies. While the chicken was roasting, I threw into the oven a pan of thinly sliced potatoes tossed with salt, pepper, dill, olive oil, and a little bit of duck fat. With 10 minutes left in roasting, I added some sliced carrots into the mix. I made a full batch of the chicken, leaving us with leftovers for two lunches (each).

Today (Monday) was Tortilla Lasagna, which I adapted a lot from the original Vegetarian Times recipe. I’ll post our version soon, because it was flavor-packed and delicious. The recipe which I made (which is kind of a half-ish recipe, but not really …) made leftovers for one lunch (each)

Tuesday will be Chicken Marsala over Egg Noodles. Well, it’ll be Chicken Sherry, actually, because we don’t have Marsala and I was too lazy to look for it at the store. I mean too economical. Yeah, that’s it. As a part of my attempt to have vegetables with every meal, I’m sure I’ll add in a salad as well.

Wednesday is one of our new favorites, as it meets our Pei Wei cravings. Mongolian Beef. I way cut down on the amount of oil the recipe calls for (to, like, 2 tbsp max) and add 8 oz of mushrooms. We serve it over steamed brown rice with a side of edamame. I make a full recipe in order to have leftovers for one lunch (each).

Thursday will be Honey Lime Chicken Legs with Roasted Brussel Sprouts. Nick can’t stop raving about the brussel sprouts my mom made while they were here over Christmas, so we’re going to try to recreate them. Duck fat + pecans + brussels = win.

Friday is our version of the Tilapia Soft Tacos from Weeknights with Giada, and we love them. We modify them slightly depending on what we have on hand, but we stick fairly close to the original. Served with steamed corn, they’re a quick and easy Friday night meal.

On Saturday we’ll be having a Pierogi Bake, which is super fast and easy, making it perfect for a post-hash meal. Simply boil the pierogis according to package directions, then drain them. Sautee in a pan with with butter, polish sausages, thinly sliced onions, until all are browned and a little crispy. Sprinkle with shredded cheddar and broil for a few minutes until the cheese is browned and bubbly. Serve with sour cream and/or ketchup on the side.

So what are you having this week?

much love, Cayley