Once again, I’ve somehow managed to skip a week of posting. We ran the half marathon this weekend (more detail to come in a separate post), which means we (I) no longer have an excuse to eat nothing but carbs. There’s no way we (I) can get away with eating the way we’ve been now that we (I) will no longer be burning 3000+ calories a week. So we are now officially eating a little lighter. This week we’ll be having:

11.18.12 meals

  • Sunday night we had KFC post-race. It. Was. Delightful.
  • Tonight we’re having a Martha Stewart Recipe: Chicken with Rice, Broccoli and Scallions. It’s a one-pot meal, which makes it ideal for lazy clean-uppers like myself.
  • Tomorrow night is Thai Ginger & Sweet Red Chili Shrimp, which we’ll have over lo mein noodles.
  • It’s hard to believe, but we haven’t had Jerk Chicken since we’ve been here, either out or at home. We have some jerk paste ready to marinate bone-in chicken thighs in for an hour, and jerk seasoning that we’ll dust cubed red potatoes, baby carrots and quartered onions with (with the addition of salt and EVOO) before baking for 30-45 minutes at 425. Another one pot meal, friends!
  • Thursday is Thanksgiving! Yay!
  • Friday will once again be brought to us by a pre-made marinade, this time Baron’s Coconut Yellow Curry Paste. Chicken thighs will marinate for a couple of hours, then be cooked with potatoes, carrots and onions on the stovetop following the jar’s directions. Served over coconut rice, natch.
  • Saturday will be light; a Red Lentil Soup with Sautéed Shrimp (modified from the scallops of the original recipe—I’ve only found frozen here, and if I’ve learned anything from Top Chef, to use frozen scallops is to play with fire, y’all). Served with a side salad.

So that’s our weekly menu. It’s got a bit of an international kick to it this week! What are you eating?