After skipping a posting week, I’m back with a meal planning vengeance. Lots of carbs this week to start packing in the energy for the big run we have keeping up. Technically this should have been posted last night, but we ate out, so … sorry.

11.04.12 menu plan

  • Sunday night following my 12 mile run (which went much better than I expected) we ate at Shawarma King. It was delightful. Love me some fries with garlic mayo and ketchup. But to be honest, I was so exhausted that I probably would have thought Easy Mac and some Icy Hot was the cat’s pajamas.
  • Tonight we had beef pot pie, which I modified by using a cheddar crust (recipe to follow) instead of using the cheddar biscuits from the recipe. I also used potatoes instead of parsnips, because I had potatoes and parsnips were kind of pricy at the store. It was so good, and in spite of the long bake time, pretty easy to make. Granted, it heated the kitchen up like the fourth of July (who comes up with these sayings?), but we serendipitously had a major thunderstorm tonight that helped cool the house down immensely. This recipe is definitely better suited for a dark and stormy night. Or, for those not living in constant summer: Any normal fall, winter or spring day.
  • Tomorrow night is Cold Sesame Peanut Noodles. The cucumbers will be on the side, since Nick hates cukes.
  • Wednesday is an old favorite: Taco soup. I couldn’t find Rotel at the store, so I’m mixing a can of diced tomatoes with chopped jarred jalapeños and subbing out the kidney beans for black beans, because again, I had them in the cupboard. I’m also just going to cook it on the stove, rather than bothering to figure out how to use our rice cooker as a slow cooker, which is allegedly a possibility. Quesadillas are quick, easy and will round out the meal.
  • Thursday brings one of our fave pasta dishes: Penne with Balsamic Butter. Normally one would use asparagus, but we like to sauté chicken thighs, artichoke bottoms and mushrooms together and add them in instead.
  • Friday will be Seared Chicken and Summer Couscous Salad, modified from The Feed Zone Cookbook. My ol’ coworker/friend Ryan, who is a cycling fanatic, introduced me to the cookbook. It is packed full of great recipes to keep an athlete fueled up, so it’s pretty perfect for my life right now.
  • We’re doing a special relaxation day on Saturday at Laluna Resort. They have a day pass option for locals and students/SOs, allowing us to enjoy all of the amenities of the resort at a great price. We’ll be having a couple of meals, doing beachfront Pilates, getting massages and hanging out on the incredible beach. I’m pretty excited. I’ve slotted in hot dogs and mac and cheese (gourmet, I know) so that if we don’t feel like making a big meal, we can have something quick and easy. And if we don’t feel like that, we won’t be wasting any food.

So what are  you having this week?

much love, Cayley