Weekly plan is ready to go! Groceries have been bought and I’m stoked for this week. This week it is all about our favorites from home:

Meal plan for the week of 10.21.12

Mom M makes sauce like nobody’s business. Nick has been craving it for weeks, and I’m not one to turn down a delicious pasta, so we’re kicking the week off right. Nick has his own special meatball recipe that is to die for, so we’ll be combining the two for a delightful meal (scroll for recipes).

Tuesday is baked ziti with leftover sauce. Love some cheesy pasta-y goodness. Who doesn’t, right? I feel bad for you lactose intolerants that can’t enjoy the wonder that is baked pasta (scroll for recipe).

Baked camembert pasta is a quick and easy dish that is ooey, gooey and fantastic. They had spinach at the store the other day which I snagged up, and today they had rosemary and camembert, so there you go.

One of Nick’s favorite dishes is salmon with homemade teriyaki marinade over brown rice. It’s simple, it’s easy, and we haven’t had it in forever. It’s from a cookbook I brought with me to college (recipe to come).

I’ve got to admit, I’m missing Pei Wei in a major way, so we’ll be trying a version of Dan Dan Noodles on Thursday (Grenadian Thanksgiving!) to help quell my cravings.

Friday is another one of Mom M’s recipes. It may seem weird to say that your favorite dish of someone’s is chili, but mine is. Her chili is one of my favorite things to eat, period. Even though it’s not “chili weather”, I’ve got to have it (recipe to come).

And finally, we’ll have leftovers on Saturday. If there are any after we eat lunches. Yum!

{printable sauce recipe}

{printable meatballs recipe}

{printable ziti recipe}

Oh, and apparently you smush the meatballs before mixing the sauce with the ziti. The more you know, right?

Yes, that is a lot of pasta for us this week. But I need my fuel for half marathon training. So what are you having this week?