For those of you following along in our eating, we’re having pork belly tomorrow for dinner. You might not know that because tomorrow wasn’t supposed to be pork belly, but I messed with the schedule once it was made. We’re having the same stuff, just on slightly different nights.

Pork belly is one of those things you really have to want to eat. To crave. Because it is way too laborious to prepare to just make on a whim. But worth it? Without a doubt. Since I’m a genius instructions follower, I forgot to read the pork belly recipe until tonight. Problem being, it requires (essentially) 3 days of prep. Since that is clearly not going to happen, I’m still using the original recipe paired with a different technique (from one of my favorite Top Chefs, Richard Blaise, no less).

As planned, we are going to have the belly with a quinoa salad. And as promised, here is the recipe.

Black Bean, Mango & Quinoa Salad


This salad is delicious and bright, and can be changed up according to the ingredients that you have. For instance, we couldn’t find jalapeños so we will be using “seasoning” peppers. The citrus will really help cut the fatty-deliciousness of the pork belly.

Yum! Can’t wait. I’ll try to post pictures if we don’t devour it all in a single breath!