Some insight into our life as a couple. Nick believes his way of doing things is perfect. I find my way of doing things to be the bees knees. He is (for the most part) organized (which I feel needs to be renamed “knows where everything is, but it doesn’t always make sense to Cayley”).  I am not. It’s something I am working on, especially given the fact that we are living in such close quarters.

Bathroom clutter is one of Nick’s pet peeves. Given the chance, I will spread my stuff – makeup, hair product, bobby pins and the like – all over the counter. And the fact of the matter is, I don’t really notice it either. I see it, it just doesn’t bother me. Because to me, if I’m using something every morning, it’s just more convenient for it to be out. Nick (and, to be fair, pretty much every roommate I’ve ever lived with) has this whole “a place for everything and everything in it’s place” mentality. Not to mention that he believes we should be allotted an equal amount of storage space. The nerve, right?

Part of what we are running into in our bathroom (and the rest of the house, really), is that although it isn’t teeny tiny, there is a limited amount of organizational space, i.e., shelves. There is one short shelf over the bathroom counter, and two over the toilet. But, hold on folks, that’s where the toilet paper is stored. So we are back down to one useable shelf. Which is Nick’s. We agreed that he would take the shelf, since his stuff was all still on it from last semester, and I would take the counter space directly below (without growing larger than) the shelf. We are blessed with a good amount of drawers and some cabinet space, which I have pretty much commandeered, but that doesn’t really solve my wanting-to-leave-stuff-within-easy-grabbing-distance issue.

So what is a girl, who is trying ever so hard to become organized, to do?

Hurdle number one: we rent. I can’t just start remodeling the bathroom to fit my needs.

Hurdle number two: even if I could do whatever I wanted, we have concrete walls. Nick had enough forethought to bring the proper tools to drill into concrete, but I’m not confident in my ability to do that, and I don’t want him having to waste his time to have to help me. Plus, I’m not really sure how to patch up concrete when we leave.

Hurdle number three: availability of physical resources. We live on an island, and what you want they don’t always have, and if they do, it is ridiculously expensive.

Hurdle number four: availability of financial resources: refer back to hurdle three. We’re living on loans, y’all. One must find the fine balance between keeping things affordable and making sure they are functional/will last for more than three days.

Now, I’m not one to be forestalled that easily. In the quest for ideas, I hit up Pinterest. Of course I did. I tried to look for projects that would not only solve the organizational dilema, but would also add a pop of personality to our little home. Here are some fun projects I’ve found:

Jars or pots for organization

I’d love to give you the source for this one, but it appears to be spam so I can’t get to it. At least according to Pinterest. I think that using small pots or jars to organize my goodies would be a great solution for me. It would allow me to control the chaos while still keeping things within easy reach. I’m thinking makeup brushes, q tips, tweezers and the like. I could combine this with another project I want to try:

Glass cutting!


I’ve seen a couple of different instructions for trying this, from both the image source above and here, and I am relatively confident I could master it. I’ve even started saving bottles. A lot of the soda here comes in glass bottles, including my new favorite, Ting. The bottle is a pretty green and would make a perfect makeup brush holder.

Speaking of repurposing household items (which, in addition to being budget friendly, reduces waste), I love the idea of these:

Painted cans


Same storage principle as the glass jars, just something a little different. And guess who already has some tin cans saved up? That’s right, this girl right here! All I would need is some spray paint.

I also really want to try making a magnetic board for my makeup, as illustrated here:

Magnetic makeup board


All you need is a metal board (think cookie sheet) and some magnets for the back of your makeup. The person in the above example went super fancy and had a piece of metal custom cut, adhered fabric to it and framed it, but I’m not sure the feasibility of that yet. This would be something that I would need to attach to the wall, so I’d need to figure that out as well.

Finally, I love this for organizing in-cabinet goods (or, frankly, on-countertop goods):

Labeled bins


When we moved, I packed an entire suitcase of bathroom stuff, separated by use into large Ziplock bags. Remember, we were moving, not going on a trip, so the more we could bring with us, the less we would have to restock here. Now, before you start questioning why a person would need that much bathroom stuff even when moving, these are the categories: shower (shampoo, conditioner, body wash, soap, face wash), hair (hairspray, dry shampoo, straightening balm, shine serum, gel, and about four different products I switch up to wear my hair curly), sun (a lot of sunscreen, aloe, and for Nick, tanning oil), body (lotion, deodorant, perfume and cologne), makeup (well, makeup), lip products (lipstick, lip gloss, lip balm), and the biggest one of all, a tote filled with medicine. The tote was intended for photo storage, so it has about 16 different 1″ or 2″ deep x 4″x6″ containers that slide into it, making it perfect for medication storage. There’s one for cold, one for allergy, one for headache and so on. This went right into the cabinet as is. The rest of the bags have been somewhat unpacked onto shelves, but I like the idea of having totes for everything, arranged by category.

I’ll keep you posted on what I come up with. What about you? Do you have any DIY bathroom organizational tips to pass on?