As I sit on our front porch, swaddled in an extra large beach towel and drenched in a mixture of sweat and hose water, I find myself flooded with long-forgotten childhood memories.

One of my favorite times of day has become right when I get home from a run; hot and miserable, I turn on the hose and step under the jerry-rigged outdoor shower that Nick has set up. Suddenly, everything is right with the world. At first, I attributed it to the calming, cooling, life-saving nature of the water, but today, standing under the hose, I knew exactly what it was I love so much.

When I was a child, my family loaded up in our old Volkswagen van and headed to visit one of their friends in Washington (state). I still vaguely remember (and frankly, may be misremembering entirely) that he had an amazing outdoor space and garden. We spent the day playing, bubble blowing and foraging outside, cleaning up at the end of the day underneath his outdoor shower.

It’s a feeling like nothing else; being hot, covered in earth and sweat, your face and hands sticky with wild strawberry juice, surrounded by nature and being showered by cool, refreshing water.

It made me feel at peace with the world then, and it still does today. Wishing you that feeling, however you find it. From my front porch to you.