Time moves strangely here. I really can’t believe we’ve been here another week already. I’m sure once school starts and we get into a stable-ish routine things will normalize for me, but for now, I rarely even know what day of the week it is. It probably doesn’t help that we spend portions of our days laying in bed watching old episodes of “Breaking Bad”, followed by busy nights out with friends.

I’m going to try to do a quick recap since my last post, and I promise I’m going to try to start shortening my posts after this one. Maybe.

When I left you, Mom and Dad M. were jetting back to the States leaving us alone, all alone. Except not really. We have already made a great group of friends that are making our transition so much easier.

With access to the car until Friday evening, we had a list of errands we wanted to run. We got together with Kitty, our landlady’s do-it-all guy, who went to the hardware store with us to purchase supplies to make a gate/fence to separate our yard from our landlady’s. We’re very fortunate to have a fenced yard for the dogs to run and play in, however, they were able to get all the way up to her back door should they so desire, and we needed to fix that. Kitty built us a great fence using a small amount of wood and some lattice, and now the dogs will stay in their designated area without me needing to watch them like a hawk.

Our landlady (Yolande) has a car rental company by the airport (Y&R Car Rentals, I believe). Nick and are are looking for a car, so we called her to see if she knew of a good mechanic who could look at one for us. She told us we could use their personal mechanic, so on Wednesday afternoon we called him to see if he would be free to go look at an Escudo we had been told about (and called on) the day before. He made himself free and we went out to Y&R’s lot to meet him and take him with us to the car. Except we kept getting a weird phone company message every time we called the number for the car, so we weren’t able to go look at it after all. We did look at a few cars they’re selling, but nothing fit our requirements/budget.

Side note – our friends Courtney and Brian have been telling us about an Escudo for sale just up the hill from us, but we hadn’t taken the time to go see what it was yet. Last night, we walked home a different way that took us right past the Escudo, and lo and behold, it was the same damn car we had been calling about all last Wednesday! The owner was sitting outside when we walked by and scoped it out, and he told us, “if you call the number and a woman answers, don’t worry, it’s my wife. Her name is Illonna”. The same Illonna we had talked to on Tuesday and then had never been able to get back a hold of! When we had spoken to her originally she told us she worked downtown and that we could come look at it there, but now that we know we’re neighbors, we can just walk up and go see it.

Thursday afternoon a friend sent me a message alerting me of a job on campus and urging me to apply. Jobs for SO’s are rare on the island, so I hopped to it immediately, emailing the person in charge of hiring, who actually already had my resume and cover letter from a job I had applied for in this summer. That evening we were over at a friends place and I got the call (or, as I still do not have a Grenadian number, I should say Nick got the call) asking me to come in for an interview and testing the next morning. I was elated, but also a little nervous. I felt like I had packed nothing interview appropriate to wear (of course, that would be what I would be concerned about).

The position is as a “Teacher of English for Academic and Medical Purposes” (they call it a demonstrator position), and this is an excerpt of the job description:

The primary responsibility of the position is to teach and contribute towards curriculum development in English medical communication for premedical and preveterinary students. Additional responsibilities include editing; offering workshops in presentation skills, internet searching skills, or resume writing; writing reports documenting activities of the department; and offering classes to develop the verbal reasoning and essay writing skills of premedical students.

In my pre-GND life, the jobs I held post-college required a lot of writing and communicating, not to mention training and presenting, so I knew that this was a job that I would be capable of doing (and enjoy). So while we were waiting forever for our brown rice to cook that night, I re-familiarized myself with APA style.

I went in for the interview on Friday morning (wearing a cute little sundress, in case you were wondering), took the test, met with the course director, and was offered the job! I’ve been told that things don’t normally move quite so quickly here, but thanks to a bit of a staffing crisis that popped up last week, when they found the right person, they were going to jump on it. Talk about perfect timing! So I am now gainfully employed (or will be starting Wednesday)!

I will be co-teaching the class with another person, whom I am very much looking forward to working with. It’s a part time position of 25 hours per week, and I can set my office hours to fit my schedule. I will have class Tuesday’s and Thursday’s from 8:00 AM to 9:15 AM, so those days I will probably come in at 7:30 and leave at 12:30, and I’ll figure out the rest of my schedule when I see Nick’s class schedule. Thank God for Nick’s parents, because they are going to send me a box of work-appropriate clothes this week.

Friday night we had our friends Cat and Jonathan over for dinner (Cat actually teaches on campus as well. She instructs the class that follows mine). We made a big pot of gumbo, which is one of Nick’s specialties, and had a great time sharing food, drink and conversation. Cat and Jonathan live just down the street from us (1/2 mile, maybe), so they were able to walk over and bring their dog Julep, who is Elly’s new best friend. Julep is high energy just like our Elly, and it was great seeing them play and tucker each other out. We seem to have a lot in common with Cat and Jonathan, and I’m really looking forward to having friends that live so close.

After Cat and Jonathan went home, we headed down to Prickly Bay to meet up with our new friends Courtney and Brian, as well as our old friends Todd and Becca. It was providence that we ran into Courtney and Brian on campus as I was leaving my interview, because try as we might, we could not for the life of us find them on Facebook. They were actually looking for a different building when they came in to the one that we were in. Happy accident, eh? This time we exchanged numbers to make sure we didn’t loose each other again, and they invited us out to meet them that evening for some drinks.

We had a great time and Prickly, and as it turns out, Courtney and Brian live just up the hill and around the corner from us! Feeling very lucky to have another great set of couple friends close by! They already found a car, so when we invited them to go to the hash with us the next day, they generously offered to drive.

So that brings us to Saturday. I’m going to post separately about the hash and Carnival, because those were two crazy events that we actually took pictures at, and that deserve full attention.