Note: sorry if you don’t anthropomorphize your pets, we totally do and this post will make that quite clear. You may want to skip this one if you don’t sometimes have conversations with your animal (as your animal).

Our terrier/mutt Elly has a serious boyfriend at home. His name is Marley Brown, and they are promised to be married. Marley is the son of our good friends Glenn and Michael, and he’s a top notch gumshoe for his brother Sandy’s law firm. Elly is making new friends here, like the awesome Miss Julep, but she’s still a little heartsick for her Marley.

We walked down to the beach the other day and took the dogs, which received mixed reviews. Nyla said “two paws down! I got hot and wet and can see big lizards in my own backyard, thankyouverymuch.” We’ll give it another try with her to see if she likes it it more when she gets used to it, but on  this first trip she had no interest in the water at all. She loves going on walks and was smiling the whole way down there, but as soon as we hit the sand she was ready to head home.


Nyla says, “let’s hit the bricks, Jack!”

Elly, on the other hand, loved it. She said, “five enthusiastic barks and a tail wag for my new friend the ocean! There is so much to smell, run by and see. Highly recommend for any adventurous pup!” It’s weird, because any time we try to get her in to the pool at home she hates it, trying to escape as quickly as possible. Not such a big fan of bath time, either. But she couldn’t get enough of the beach. She was running up and down the edge of the water, running in to splash occasionally. She doesn’t even chase balls, but we were throwing her some small nuts/fruits we found on the beach and she was retrieving them. She’s an island puppy for sure. Now all she needs is for Marley to come visit and her life will be complete. She asked that we send him this video so he knows how much fun it can be.