The move is getting closer! Tomorrow is my last day of work for … well … who knows how long. Things are getting more and more real. I got my hair cut on Saturday (and did not chicken out), which felt like a major step in the transition process. Why? Because it’s a pretty dramatic change. A-like so:




I wasn’t sure that I’d be able to replicate it myself, but I’ve done ok this morning. It’s weird coming to work as a kind of new person, but I’ve received positive responses.


So with the hair down, we’re now really on the way. We leave next Friday. But are we ready?

Nick lived there last semester, so our adjustment will be less dramatic than if we were both total newbs, but that doesn’t really mean that our bags will be lighter or I am any better prepared. Well, maybe a little. When I went to visit last semester, I saw some of the island and I was able to bring down a few kitchen essentials that our landlady let us leave over the summer. There are some pots and pans that I can’t live without. And a wood cutting board. Only glass? That’s fools game. I like my knives. Even as I write that, I see how much getting used to going without I’m going to have to do. I guess I am a spoiled Canerican after all.

As we get closer to the move, I’m realizing more and more that I am preparing to move somewhere that I have visited only once for 10 days. And on that visit, I was on vacation, with a job to return to, meaning it was OK to do nothing but lay in bed half of the day and go to the beach for the other half. We could rent a car, eat out frequently, and do what we wanted, because there was a sustainable source of income.

This time … not so much. For the first time, since, what, tenth grade?, I will be without a job; without a paycheck. And that kind of scares the crap out of me. Neither of us are great about sticking to a budget. OK, let’s be honest, neither of us have ever even set a budget. We’re both typically the kind of people that have an idea of what we can spend, about how much money is in the bank, and rely on the fact that more money will be coming in in two weeks. When you’re living on loans and hopefully some cash that I can bring in freelancing, your can’t really live like that.

Last semester when I asked Nick if he could keep track of his spending, or keep receipts for me to go through, I got a, “yeah, I’m not going to do that. I’ve got enough going on”. Which was true, but makes it hard to budget. I know what rent costs. And have an approximation of what electric was, but that was based on one person living in the apartment. I do know that our food costs should be down from whatever they were last semester because I’ll be there to go to the grocery store and market and prepare meals, cutting down on eating out expense. Cat, one of the awesome SO’s – well, the only, but still awesome, SO – I met when I went to visit Nick made a budget spreadsheet that I am determined to use. And PS on that, she’s got her own blog, y’all. About budgeting. I may turn into a crazy blog stalker while trying to figure this out. I’m just sayin’. Also, look at me using the lingo like a champ. An SO is a “Significant Other”, for those not in the know. So maybe I’m more ready than I’m giving myself credit for. Just a smidge.