We move to Grenada in 13 days. I think. I’m terribly bad at math.

Remember that time that in preparation for leaving, I was going to eat clean? Um. Yeah. That’s going really well. As in, not really at all. I have cut down my sugar intake (not eliminated, mind you), but our eating out is kind of through the roof right now. I feel like we’re both a little bit to the hoarding phase of our departure, where we have realized that the things we love to eat really won’t be available to us in a few weeks, so we had better get it now if we are going to. But we have a deal that we’ll do better when we get there.

We’re now full-on in getting-what-we-need/packing mode (which has kept me from posting). For my birthday, Momma M (Nick’s mom) very generously took me shopping, filling in the gaps in my wardrobe. Nick and I have been sending lists back and forth in Pair (an App I highly recommend for couples. It’s like Facebook just for the two of you. No one else can see what you’re posting, so you can use it as a reminder/task management system for the two of you), so we’re getting close to organized.

Today is our “personal prep” day. I’m going to brunch with friends, then we’re both getting a haircut, then we head to a waxing appointment (that’s right, Nick the hairy monkey needs those brows groomed! I love that I married a man that’s not afraid to manscape) and, of course, having a meal at another “must-eat” restaurant. And probably some packing. With some more packing tomorrow.

I’m excited for my hair cut. This is the first time in about 12 years that I can get whatever kind of style I want. I’ve worked in public-facing jobs since high school, so I’ve always had to worry about having a semi-professional haircut. Today becomes my transformation into becoming whoever the eff I want to be for the next 2-and-a-half years. I can wear my hair the way I want, I can dress the way I want, and I can figure out who I am without a job. When left to my own devices. Last night Nick said that he was excited for my haircut because it’s a preview of our move, and it makes it a little more real, and I agree. I’ll post a picture once it’s cut.

Big day ahead. See you soon with a fancy new ‘do!