Well, hi. I started to write another post, which will be up sometime soon, and then realized that the inaugural post for this blog should probably be some sort of introduction. So, hi.

This post will probably be much more poorly written than any other post to follow, because I am bad at introductions. Quite awkward, in fact. That girl that you think is a total bitch because she never talks to anyone? Yeah, that’s me. And it’s called shy, not bitchy. Well, mostly. Maybe a 85/15 split of shy and bitchy.

So, here are the deets. I probably should have searched Pinterest for a “questions to answer for an introductory blog post”, but I didn’t. I spent too much time on there already this morning looking at my friends fake weddings and someday babies, so I’m just going to dive right in.

Umm … hi. My name is Cayley. Yes, as in the town (just kidding, you had no idea there was a town called that, did you? But seriously, there is a town with that name that I was coined after, and grew up less than 20 minutes away from. Maybe I’ll tell the rest of that story some day. Spoiler alert – it’s not a sexy story. It’s not some “romantic” thing where I was named after the town in which I was conceived. Which, when you think about it, which I am trying my best to avoid doing now that I’ve brought it up, is not sexy and is mostly gross to think about). If you’ve done your Googling trying to figure out where said namesake town is, it’s in Canada. Southern Alberta, in fact. So, I’m Canadian, that’s half my story. I grew up on an inactive farm with a brother and two parents in small town southern Alberta. I love them all, and they are fantastic. It took moving away from home for me to realize how much I love them, and how fantastic they really all are. Absence and hearts and fonder and all that jazz, I suppose.

I’m also American. Born to two ex-Pats (another story for another day), I easily applied for and was awarded dual citizenship before I graduated high school. Shortly before my 18th birthday (not because I ran away from home early, but because I’m a July baby), I packed all my belongings into my maternal grandparent’s car and headed south for University in Oklahoma. That’s right, of all the states to dream of one day moving to, mine was Oklahoma. It’s the smell in the air when summer is coming. The enveloping warmth in the morning before it gets unbearably hot. The being able to swim in a pool without your teeth chattering. Can you tell I had previously only visited in the summer? Being close to extended family was also a big draw. So was the fact that as a descendent of OSU grads, I got in state tuition. That pretty much sealed the deal.

So I’m a Canerican. After graduating from University, in spite of all my parents pleas, I decided to stay in the South (if you live here, you know that I have not miscapitalized that). I did not want to move back to the cold. So I worked for 3 years in small town Oklahoma at a job that I loved, in an industry that I was passionate about, then was lucky enough to leave for another job, this one in Oklahoma City, that I also love in an industry that let me flex my inner nerd. I’m pretty sentimental about the current job, because directly following my second interview, my now-husband and I had our first date. I was more nervous about the date than the interview itself.

So, if you are reading carefully, you now know that I am married. To the handsome, fabulous, loving, caring, passionate, etc. Nicholas. The details on that will come in future posts I’m sure, but for your reference, we married, spent a year on our own, and then moved back in with his parents (with whom we had also lived with for about a year before marrying to save money for the wedding) to start preparing for a move to Grenada. Before you feel bad for me for living with in-laws, let me just say that living with his parents has been great. I am so lucky to have the in-laws that I have. They aren’t even really in-laws, they’re more like a second set of parents. We are also blessed in the fact that we basically have our own separate living quarters in the pool house-esque situation that we live in, so it’s not really like we’re roommates.

But, here’s the important part (if you don’t consider everything to be the important part). We are moving to Grenada in the fall for Nick to continue on his medical school journey. Way to bury the lead, eh? Nick is in an intensive program at St. George’s University geared to prepare him for medical school, and will begin medical school in the spring semester, given that he meets the requirements (which he will). Nick actually moved without me to Grenada last semester to enroll in the program, and we’re back for our second shot this term. Without going into too many details (lots of death in the family/friends circle, being apart being more difficult than we anticipated, not having been in school for about three years), a lot of factors led us to decide that our best move would be for him to withdraw at the end of last semester and try again this semester, with me by his side. So, we will be embarking on two-and-a-half-ish years in Grenada come August.

And that brings me to this blog. Whether we already know each other (hi, friends and acquaintances!), are just now meeting, or if you’re a blog browser, I invite you to follow our journey. The title of the blog, “This is Living”, refers to a common saying in Grenada, “TIG” or “This is Grenada”, as in, “no milk this week? TIG”, or “we have gecko living in our bathroom now? TIG”, or “the bank closed at 2:oo for no discernible reason? TIG”, or “the bus just didn’t show up at all this morning? TIG”, and these are just some instances I have been relayed. More to come, I’m sure. The point being, you learn to live, adapt, and accept the situation that you are living in; hopefully even enjoying it most of the time. And it’s not just in Grenada, it’s everywhere. This is living. We will do the best we can do wherever this life takes us.

And in that vein, I’m sure that I’ll bring you stories of island life, stories of food and what I am cooking (a favorite topic of mine), how I’m staying active, and posts about life in general.

As the Fray would say, that’s enough for now.